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Howa 1500 .308

  • Make:Howa
  • Model:1500
  • Action Type:Bolt
  • Calibre:.308 Winchester


  • Action Type:Semi Automatic
  • Calibre:9mm

Steyr Zephyr .22 Sporter

  • Make:Steyr
  • Model:Zephyr
  • Action Type:Bolt
  • Calibre:.22 LR

Lanber Under and Over Shotgun Deluxe

  • Make:Lanber
  • Model:Under and Over
  • Action Type:Over Under
  • Calibre:12 gauge

2 x ISSC 22LR - M22 Magazines

  • Make:ISSC
  • Model:M22

Cooper Arms Model 57M Parts

  • Make:Cooper Arms
  • Model:57M

.308 Projectiles - Sierra, Hornady

  • Make:Sierra and Hornady
  • Model:.308 Projectiles

Steiner 1x-4x24mm/Germany

  • Make:Steiner
  • Model:Steiner 1x-4x24mm Military/Tactical Riflescope

Howa 1500 .308

Howa 1500

Howa 1500 Stainless in .308 .
Synthetic Stock and a 22" Barrel.
Super accurate rifle,
Hard to find VX3L in 3.5-10x50 mounted with low Leopold ring set and bases.
Leopold VX3L Package, 50mm scope /cover / leupold rings $1450.
I don't use the rifle as the .243 does every thing i need it to do.
Shot less than 100 rounds to date and have just reloaded cases with 150g ballistic tips. i have about 65 left if your interested in those (negotiable).

  • Make:Steiner
  • Model:Steiner 1x-4x24mm Military/Tactical Riflescope
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