Air Pistol & Air Rifle Target. MADE IN AUSTRALIA.

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Brand new, designed, fabricated and assembled in Australia using Australian suppliers. Help support local businesses and fellow Aussies.
An Australian owned business. We are shooters!

Are you a shooter in Field Target Competition events?
Improve those hunting skills with the Axelson Field Target Biathlon style target.
Purchase multiple targets for Field Target style competitions. Place targets at different distances and heights to hone those angled/incline ballistic trajectories.

What sets us apart from other Air Rifle Targets:
Have you recently purchased an air rifle target only to find your high powered rifle has damaged the thin and flimsy steel used? Axelson Industries targets use quality 3mm steel on both the target body and also the target surface.
Yes, you read that correctly: 3mm. Not 1.2mm or 1.6mm.

Proven and reliable 3mm steel main plate and target plate thickness for high powered air rifles.
For all surfaces exposed to pellet strikes, the parts have been zinc plated underneath the powder coat to minimise rust and maximise longevity.
The targets are self-indicating, when hit they flip from black to white, giving the shooter as well as the spectators instant visual feedback for each shot fired.
15m length reset cord.
Adjustable high to low power settings through the angle adjustment feature:

Angle adjustment: Does your rifle or pistol not have enough energy to push the target over, or are you shooting from a long distance? Adjustment can be made to change the amount of force required. This also doubles as a method of adjustment for slightly angled surfaces.

Cheap targets score when you hit the outer housing surface of the target and the shock causes the target to fall without hitting the target itself. With the Axelson target, this nuisance can be adjusted out.

Calibre Limits:
The target design has been tested successfully with the following air rifle/air pistol calibres:
Safe to use with PCP and springers!

0.177” (4.50mm) at a maximum of 1300ft/s or 400m/s
0.22” (5.50mm) at a maximum of 1100ft/s or 335m/s
0.25” (6.35mm) at a maximum of 850 ft/s or 260m/s

It may be possible to use this target with larger air rifle calibres or faster velocities, but these have not been tested. If you have something capable of faster than this, let us know, we would be interested to see the performance.

Material: Steel

Width: 180mm (inc. feet)
Width: 126mm (flat side to flat side)
Height: 175mm (base of feet to target top)
Depth: 165 (inc. feet and target in positive shot position)
Target Hole Diameter: 1.5” or 38.1mm

Date Listed: 23/12/2018


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