Snap Cap Nipple Protector for Muzzle Loading Enfield Arms and Snider

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  • Make:War Dept Pattern
  • Model:War Dept Pattern

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A Snap Cap Nipple Protector of War Dept type; for use with all original Enfield muzzle loading military rifles muskets, carbines, and Snider arms that use the square based musket nipple for Top Hat style military percussion caps. It will fit modern Enfield reproductions fitted with square based nipples that conform to the originals.
Snap caps were standard equipment on all Enfield and Snider arms for recruit training, and also for marksmanship training. The thick leather pad absorbs the shock of the fall of the hammer, in the way that the soft brass or copper of the percussion cap does when the rifle is live fired. The snap cap allows the user to 'dry fire' the rifle while practicing their aim and trigger squeeze.

Date Listed: 19/04/2020


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