‘Image-movement’ is 65 – time to give it the gold watch!

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‘Constantly centred reticles’ seemed to be that better mousetrap when patented in 1956.

It’s not a mousetrap, of course, but like some pied piper it got the lazy and lousy dancing to its tune and the mechanically lame hobbling along. As it sachéd through the market most shooters soon followed, blind to its vulnerability and blinkered by the bandage of the constrictive field stop. Within the next 50 years the best scope makers fell into its bucket and after Pecar closed in 2006 only a few tactical and ELR scopes remained without it.

In Sam Mann’s opinion, the invention was not a ‘better mousetrap’ but the pesky plague itself.

Perhaps it’s too late to turn this around, despite brave new mounts and more-precise rifle assembly - but at least you can read about it and scour the Internet for the formidable predecessors (getting dearer but often great value even if needing refurbishment).

‘LIGHT AT THE START OF THE TUNNEL Are rifle scopes off the rails?’
- still available with lots of added stuff, in various grades from $20-$40 posted.

The second picture here is from Weaver's 1956 patent for constantly centred reticles. It shows the recoil vulnerability of having a scope suspended within the scope and the field stop (23) needed to mask reflections if the erector tube is badly adjusted.

Date Listed: 10/07/2021


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