Fast burning pistol powder 500g

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  • Make:Not ADI
  • Model:Not AS30 APS350

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This ad started life as me trying to buy Trail boss back in Jan, and I was able to get some for $160/1.5kg so thanks guys.

I have left the ad on as one can never have too much powder (well within legal confines). I have been offered aps 450 for 400-500/500g, opened trialboss for $1000/1.2kg.... etc

If you are reading this and desperate for powder, don't buy it at that price before considering what I do below! Shooters are supposed to help each other out, not screwing each other for a quick buck!

This is what I do (as in I am not telling you to follow, try st own risk), bulk shotgun ammo is about $11/25, each round contains about 1.6g of very fast powder similar to AS30/APS350, to get 500g of powder all you need is 12.5 boxes which is $137.5. and you score 312 shotgun primers and wads too. If you cast your own you get free lead as well. You just need some garden shear and a bucket....

Date Listed: 16/09/2021


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