Hornady Black Powder Measure & Bench Stand

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This Hornady "Lock-N-Load" specialist Black Powder Measure is a fairly rare item much sort after by those who need to reload black powder into batch lots of cartridges.
The reservoir is aluminium to prevent static build-up and the rotor is solid brass to prevent sparking. (Warning:- Black powder should NEVER be dispensed from conventional measures intended ONLY for smokeless powders.)
The maximum charge that can be dispensed from this unit depends somewhat on the granulation size and density of the black powder being metered. Approximately 100 grains (at least) is indicated by the manufacturer on the label attached to the reservoir.
Like all measures, very large charges can be dispensed by halving the total weight, and then metering out TWO charges.
The Hornady Powder Measure Bench Stand is an after-market accessory .... it does NOT come included with the powder measure from the factory.
These items are BRAND NEW. Missing from my photos is a basic mounting plate which is still securely fastened inside the packing box; .... and the operating handle which is stored inside the unopened reservoir.
A specialist reloading tool for the specialist shooter.
My asking price INCLUDES postage anywhere in Australia.
This is a fairly large and hefty item (plus the stand too) so the postage cost itself is somewhat considerable.
A casual search would seem to indicate this article is not available from the manufacturer at this present time.

Date Listed: 20/11/2021


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