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  • Model:'LIGHT AT THE START OF THE TUNNEL - Are rifle scopes off the rails?'

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You've seen the ads often enough but do you wonder what the cover is about? Well, it's a kind of cartoon on what's wrong with modern scopes.

The yellow/red dot in the middle represents the second-focal-plane light in an illuminated scope looking into a circus or carnival tent. It is surrounded by the 'tunnel' of an image-movement field stop inside an over-fat rubber eyepiece. (The light is thus positioned near the field stop, the cause of the tunnel vision.)

The Hagia Sophia's cupola mocks the battery housing on certain German scopes, the sort that might obscure some arboreal critter as you raise your rifle.

That thing discarded at bottom right is a falcon's hood, a symbol of sportsmanship in hunting.

The smoke rising from a top hat represents the magic needed to provide constantly centred reticles (mirrors are even harder to draw) . . .

. . . And the roller coaster is the consequence of employing that technology on rifles of much recoil.

But why does the jacketed primate pretend not to see these things? Well, I'm afraid you have to work that one out for yourself.

'LIGHT AT THE START OF THE TUNNEL - Are rifle scopes off the rails?' explains the scope world and how it got where it is.

The standard price ($20 plus $4.30 postage) includes an additional 16/20 pages of information to be delivered by email attachments - but enhanced copies with black reticles on the cover and/or the extra pages printed and inserted are available on request at various prices up to $37.60 posted.

Date Listed: 07/03/2022


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