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Reloading press parts Stirling model A (Redding Model 16?) 12 gauge.

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  • Make:Stirling (Redding?)
  • Model:Stirling model A (Redding Model 16?)

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Hi all,
An update for you here.

I have made my own parts to complete my press and it now works better than ever. I am still interested in finding original parts should they become available.

It is possible this press is a copy of a Redding "model 16" (square charge bar)? So parts for the Redding might also suit. Either way both my press and the Redding are from about 1970.

The parts I am looking for are;

Wad guide (with fingers if possible) - shown as "J" in the instructions.

Primer seating assembly - shown as "F" in the instructions.

Resize ring (and pressure pad if possible) shown as "G" in the instructions.

6 point star crimp head - shown in the Redding instructions as "22-4 6 PT"

Most of the instructions shown are for the Aussie made "Stirling" press but I have included a picture of the Redding instructions showing the Redding "Model 16" part numbers too.

Any/all help appreciated. Thanks for looking : )

Date Listed: 07/03/2022


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