Vintage SOG, Gerber, Cold Steel, Spyderco fixed blades

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Hey again everyone. Here are some more ridiculously rare fixed blade knives for you. These were from an estate sale and have just sat in a cupboard for years. The gentleman who owned all these knives had a habit of putting the papers in a seperate folder somewhere and his family didn't know where they went. So, unfortunately, the knives for the most part do not have their paperwork (see notes for clarification).

Here is a link to heaps of pictures of everything for sale: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18zNsrbQ1wX6cP1ZWO-ujeb1Hf-mqiQ4g?usp=sharing

I’m rarely able to answer my phone with work (and I never pick up numbers I don’t know) so the best way to contact me is via text or email. Many of these are rare items which you don’t often see. They are also listed elsewhere.

Postage is $10 flat with tracking, or free if you buy more than one item. If you want Express that would cost more. I’ll add a signature on delivery for free for the rarer, more expensive knives.

AGENCY AG-01 FIRST PRODUCTION RUN (#226 of 1000 w/ certificate, blade tang stamped with older SOG “bullet” logo, “Agency” and serial #, immaculate leather sheath w/ sharpening stone, box is a little dinged up, hard to see tiny tarnish spots on swedge and some mild discolouration on blade from storage, both of these will easily polish off), proof of purchase docket from 2010, no pamphlet - $990
SCUBA/DEMO SSD89 w/ pamphlet (basically MINT except for some minor tarnishing on the brass furniture, blade tang is stamped Seki - Japan and SOG Specialty Blades, immaculate leather sheath w/ sharpening stone, box is in excellent condition) - $990
RECON BOWIE SBR-80 - near mint except for some minor tarnishing on the brass furniture and storage stains on the blade finish, blade tang is stamped Seki - Japan and SOG Specialty Blades, immaculate leather sheath w/ sharpening stone (was still sealed in plastic), box is in excellent condition, no pamphlet - $500

NOTE: With the exception of the Moray none of these have papers
SOLD - MARK I w/ Cloth Sheath MINT #5600 - blue box a little dinged up, made between 1990-98, 440C steel, factory grind terminations are a bit too abrupt, tang stamped Gerber Portland Ore. USA and #N8710S - $450 - SOLD
SOLD - MARK II w/ Scabbard #5701 - orange/white slide box (dinged up) w/ Pete Gerber message flap, so made between 1980-84, 440C steel, tang stamped Gerber Portland Ore. USA and #093920, some sheath scratches on blade near tip and there is a chip in the edge about 2" from the tip (sorry I didn't pick that up earlier, price reduced as a result - $550 - SOLD
MORAY dive knife w/ Sheath FIRST PRODUCTION RUN #05969 - Blackie Collins design, mirror-polished chisel-tip blade, blue box (so made between 1990-98), comes with instructions,) - $400
CLIP-LOCK SURVIVOR Single-Edge #5301 MINT - great condition orange/white box slide box, Blackie Collins design, silastic on blade (looks like it was "glued" into sheath at factory?) - $400
PRO-HUNTER CAPER w/ Cloth Sheath #4268 (orange/white slide-out box (1984-89), cordura sheath - $200

We also have a couple of Gerber LMF II Infantry (Black, 2012, 22-01629) for $100 each and an LMF II Survival (Brown/tan with seatbelt cutter, 2010, 22-01400) for $130

COLD STEEL (no papers):
PENDLETON MINI HUNTER 36LPM (a nice little 3-finger knife, a miniature version of their classic Pendleton Hunter) - $100

ROCK SALT FB20PBK H1 - comes with G-Clip instructions and purchase receipt, KH/2008 date code, a giant slab of never-rust H1 steel, discontinued supposedly because they had trouble sourcing and machining such large pieces of H1 - $500

We also have a whole heap of Kizlyar Biker knives for between $150-$200 depending on what model you want; a couple of S&W SW640 First Production Run fixed blades for $90; a Spyderco Aqua Salt FP23PBK for $150; and a Spyderco Street Beat FP15P (the original 2007 version with polished micarta scales) for $250

Cheers, and good luck.

Date Listed: 09/08/2022


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