Switch-Barrel GA Precision Tempest with 3 barrels

  • Condition:
  • Make:GA Precision
  • Model:Tempest
  • Ammo Type:Centrefire
  • Action Type:Bolt
  • Calibre:6.5mm Creedmoor
  • Serial Number:TA0546

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Licence # 26625372-00
Location: SAMFORD VALLEY, QLD, 4520
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Transferring Dealer: cleaver firearms, QLD, 4019
Licence # 50000073
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Up for sale is my custom multi-calibre build with the following details and inclusions:

• GA Precision Tempest nitrided action, three lug short action, 308BF with West Texas Ordnance switchlug installed by JB Custom Rifle. Barrels are interchangeable in the field with a T25 torx bit.
• Triggertech Diamond 2 Stage trigger curved (new trigger, used for one outing)
• Cadex Lite Comp chassis (folder) in tan, includes Magpul full length arca rail and arca tripod mount
• 1x 26” Proof Research steel medium palma barrel (8 twist), chambered in 7mmSAW and cerakoted black. Has fired approximately 350 rounds. Comes with APA LB Gen 2 brake.
• 1x 26” Proof Research carbon sendero (8.5 twist), chambered in 7mmSAW, steel sections cerakoted black. Has fired approximately 100 rounds. Comes with APA LB Gen 2 brake.
• 1x 20” IBI heavy varmint barrel (8 twist) chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Barrel is unfired.
• 4x AW magazines
• Loaded ammunition and brass – all brass is Lapua 308 Palma SRP sized to 7mmSAW.
• 235 loaded 7mm SAW rounds – Loaded with Sierra 7mm 160gr TMKs, RL16 and CCI450 primers. Hitting 2840fps in both barrels.
• 50 6.5 Creedmoor factory rounds – Federal 95gr VMAX • 180 fired, cleaned and sized brass, 12 fired but not cleaned/resized brass
• 237 Sierra 7mm 160TMK projectiles
• 147 Hornady 7mm 162gr ELD-M projectiles
• 98 Hornady 7mm 162gr ELD-X projectiles
• 85 Berger 7mm 175gr Elite Hunter projectiles
• 98 Sierra 7mm 183gr HPBT projectiles
• 200 Hornady 6.5mm 123gr ELD-M projectiles
• 100 Hornady 6.5mm 140gr HPBT projectiles
• RCBS 7mm SAW dies, dies are cerakoted
• Voodoo Tactical drag bag. Build is ready to go with dies, brass and load data for the 7mmSAW.

Read up on the 7mmSAW chambering here: https://westtexordnance.com/7mm-saw-general-faqs/

Read up on the WTO switchlug here: https://westtexordnance.com/switchlug/

Can swap the chassis lower with a CPS takedown chassis that can be easily pinned for states where folding stocks are prohibited.

Asking $10,500 negotiable. Scope, spuhr mount and bipod are not included or for sale.

Date Listed: 24/01/2023


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