Assorted Optilocks, Rings, Dies, Projectiles, etc

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  • Make:Sako, Leupold, Cutting Edge, Hornady, Lee
  • Model:Various

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Clear out of rings, bases, dies, projectiles etc.

Item: McKillen and Heyer Max Case Length Gauge
Price: $50 posted
Description: Pretty cool piece and must be old as the only cals on it have been around for ages. Never seen one before. Excellent condition.

Item: 100ct. Outer Edge Projectiles 150gr Ball Bearing Tip (BBT) .284 bullets.
Price: $170 posted
Description: New projies. One box opened just for a looksie.

Item: 6.5x68 Schuler Dies (Hornady) + RWS Brass (56ct).
Price: $220 posted
Description: FL Die set brand new. Brass once fired and cleaned/deprimed. 56ct RWS correctly headstamped. From a 'project' I never got around to.

Item: Lee Collet .17 Remington Dies
Price: $60 posted
Description: New/unused.

Item: Silver 1" Low Rings/Bases suit Browning A-bolt WSSM (and .223 action) and maybe other models.
Price: $40 posted
Description: Used, very slight patina. Function well.

Item: Leupold 30mm STD Rings
Price: $40 posted (per pair/set)
Description: Matte finished, I think both unused - can't remember. One set 30mm Low and one set 30mm Medium.

Date Listed: 25/06/2024


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