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Miroku Sporter 12G 30"

  • Make:Miroku
  • Model:Grade 1 Mk70 Sporter
  • Action Type:Break
  • Calibre:12 gauge

Tikka T3 Varmint

  • Make:Tikka
  • Model:T3 Varmint
  • Action Type:Bolt
  • Calibre:.222 Remington

Colt Python - Collection

  • Make:Colt
  • Model:Python
  • Action Type:Revolver
  • Calibre:.357 Magnum

Heritage Rough Rider .22 revolver

  • Make:Heritage Rough Rider
  • Model:.22/ .22 magnum
  • Action Type:Revolver
  • Calibre:.22 WMR


  • Make:holster
  • Model:holster

Sog Agency Tactical Bowie

  • Make:SOG
  • Model:Agency

Miroku Sporter 12G 30"

Miroku Grade 1 Mk70 Sporter

Miroku Mk70 Sporter (Right Handed) with the standard 5 invector+ chokes, white mid bead and a aftermarket hiviz front bead.
This was my first ever O/U shotgun which got me into the clay disciplines and is an amazing place to start for any new shooter. As such it has been babied and fastidiously cleaned after every day at the range with only 28g loads of #7.5 & 8 lead shot run through it.
Regrettably selling it to help pay for the Miroku Mk10 G5 I just ordered because I loved the 70 so much.
It presents in a good condition by my pedantic standards, the action is still tight, the chrome lined bores are immaculate however there is a minor scratch from my mother in-laws rings behind the trigger guard up near the top of the grip when we took her out for a try at the local club and a small pit on the bottom firing pin from where the pin punctured a Remington Sporting shells primer (stoped using them immediately) My local gunsmith said it would cost a little over $100 to fix but he advised me to continue using it until the pin breaks "likely to be a long way down the road" as it is structurally sound and still strikes as hard as new.
I will send additional detailed pictures to anybody interested as I can only upload 6 for the listing and if you're serious we can go to my local club on Saturdays for a test shot. Also willing to post at buyers cost.
I work night shift so if I miss your call I'll get back to you asap otherwise shoot a text or email my way.

I'm willing to negotiate for a reasonable price with a quick sale.

  • Make:SOG
  • Model:Agency
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