Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I haven’t received a verification email after registering?
First check your ‘junk mail’ folder. If it is not there, Contact Us to manually check and verify your account.


What should I do if I have forgotten my password or username?
Your Username is the email address you used to sign up for the program. Simply click ‘Login’ at the top of the screen and select ‘Forgot Password’ from the drop down menu. Enter your email address and you will then receive an email allowing you to create a new password.


What if I can’t find the correct transferring dealer when placing a firearms advert?
Users can add transferring dealers by clicking on the ‘Can’t find your dealer?’ button next to the text box. Simply enter the dealer name, street address and suburb/postcode details and the dealer will be added to your listing.


What if I can’t find a specific calibre or option when placing an advert?
If the option is not listed, Contact Us and be sure to include the exact category or calibre that you would like added and we can add it for you.


How long does my listing stay up for?
Listings stay on SSAA Gun Sales for 12 months from the date added, unless you sell your item (and mark the listing as ‘sold’) or remove it beforehand.


What should I do when my item is sold?
Once an item is sold, shipped and no longer available, users must mark the listing as ‘sold’ within 3 days. You can choose to mark the listing as ‘under offer’ when you have an agreed buyer or while waiting on transferring ownership to the buyer. This will prevent other buyers from contacting you. Once the item is transferred, users must mark the listing as ‘sold’ within 3 days.


What if I have marked a listing as ‘under offer’ and the sale doesn’t go through? Can I re-list my item?
Users can view and manage their listings in the ‘My Listings’ section. Simply click on the ‘Reactivate’ button to immediately make the listing active again on the website.


Should I purchase insurance when buying or selling items?
The SSAA highly recommends that sellers and/or buyers pay for the insurance of goods in transit, should they become damaged or lost. If you would like an item you purchase insured for postage, please discuss and organise this with the seller.


What do I need to do to legally transfer a firearm in Australia?
It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with and comply with all legislation for buying, selling and transferring firearms. Legislation varies in each Australian state and territory, so we encourage all users to contact their local firearms registry should they require any information regarding firearm licences, registration or fees, the storage, transportation or importation of firearms or ammunition, or regulations pertaining to prohibited items.


What does the star rating mean on listings?
5 stars Perfect - New condition.
4 stars Excellent - New condition, little use, no noticeable marring.
3 stars Very Good - Perfect working condition, no appreciable wearing on working surfaces, no corrosion or pitting, only minor surface dents or scratches.
2 stars Good - Safe working condition, minor wear on surface, no broken parts, no corrosion or pitting that will interfere with functioning.
1 star Fair - Safe working condition but well worn, perhaps requiring replacement of minor parts or adjustments.

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