L1A1 'SLR' Magazine Target Rifle 'workshop sample' (straight pull)

  • Condition:
  • Make:Lithgow
  • Model:L1A1 Magazine Target Rifle
  • Ammo Type:Centrefire
  • Action Type:Bolt
  • Bore Diameter:0.308
  • Calibre:7.62x51mm NATO
  • Serial Number:NSW


Seller Type: Dealer
Licence # 409595628
Location: BORONIA PARK, NSW, 2111
Transferring Dealer: Firearms Consulation & Reviews, NSW, 2111
Licence # 409595628
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Incredibly rare, have never seen offered before, Lithgow L1A1 work shop sample or proto-type Magazine target rifle. Similar to L1A1 Lithgow Single shot Target rifle but with functional magazine housing and standard SLR profile. Custom gas block with enclosed ears and no ports, barrel has no gas port, rifle has no gas system. Functions as straight pull rifle same as Lithgow single shot target rifle but magazine fed repeater. Note, left side receiver has 'Central' Target sight mount base and no machined charging handle slot as seen on standard L1A1. This receiver was built by Lithgow as a Target rifle, not converted from a semi auto receiver. Has been checked for headspace and test fired, appears in GWO. Accepts all SLR, FAL magazines. May be considered Category B in some States with ten round magazine, (NB: Currently Classified Military Rifle in NSW due to appearance) You will need to seek Classification from your registry prior to enquiry. DO NOT ASK ME IF YOU CAN HAVE IT ON YOUR LICENCE, PLEASE ASK YOUR STATE REGISTRY! Condition appears good to very good for what it is, a tool room sample, stock appears to have hairline crack, photo's show condition fairly. Serious enquiries only please.

Date Listed: 21/05/2016

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