AN/PVS-7 Night Vision Goggles

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  • Make:Insight Technology
  • Model:AN/PVS-7

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Genuine US manufactured by Insight Technology - AN/PVS-7 Night Vision Goggles . One owner in very good condition. Only used in low light rural environment for observing deer & for shooting wild dogs.
Includes a genuine US military 3X afocal lens which attaches to the front and increases the magnification from 1X to 3X.
Really effective for night hunting by fitting a visible red or green laser to your rifle or an infra red laser for covert operations. Laserex in SA have suitable lasers.

Image intensifier is an XD-4 with the following specifications:
Automatic Gain Control = Yes Output brightness = 6.9 Luminance Gain = 30,000 Resolution = 58lp/mm Equivalent background illumination = 0.17 Signal to noise ratio = 22.8 Auto Brightness Control = Yes Cathode diam. = 17.5 Input current = 14.7 Burn in = OK Photo-cathode, MCP & screen quality = OK

Includes head harness for hands free operation, lens cleaning tissues, brow pads large & small & green carry pouch.

Date Listed: 08/01/2019


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