Bulletseeker Mach4 Doppler Radar

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  • Make:Longseeker
  • Model:Bulletseeker Mach4

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Licence # 408390022
Location: LINDFIELD, NSW, 2070
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BECAUSE SPEED MATTERS: Committed to Accuracy

BULLETSEEKER is an incredible piece of technology. Developed by a team of German and Czech Engineers. Offering you the best doppler chronograph measuring ballistic velocity radar in the palm of your hand.

Currently, the most advanced ballistic radar for measuring bullet velocity is based on the Hi-Tech SIR chip operating at 120 GHz.

· Now you can detect EVERY bullet fired.

· Using a radar cross-section that is 144 times larger we track every shot.

· See each shot with continuous fire.

· Bluetooth enabled.

· Mobile phone instant data and control panel.

· Compact size mounts easily to a weaver rail system.

· Accuracy

Date Listed: 03/08/2022


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