KIZLYAR Biker-2 Folding Knives - genuine Russian NOT Chinese Kizlyar Supreme

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  • Make:Kizlyar
  • Model:Biker-2

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Hi all, just selling some genuine Russian Kizlyar knives (i.e. not the Chinese Kizlyar Supreme brand). There are only 2 Biker-2 folding knives left now. They are:

Biker-2 coated part-serrated drop point in black leather sheath, RUSSIAN text on blade (rare) x1 - $195
Biker-2 coated part-serrated drop point, English text on blade, in CAMO brown leather sheath (rare) x1 - $195 each

These were bought over 10 years ago (before Putin's current "special military operation” in case you’re legitimately uncomfortable) and have just sat in a cupboard, so these are the older versions of the Biker folding knives. Some of these are currently quite hard to find anywhere, possibly for a long time to come.

I’m rarely able to answer my phone (and usually ignore numbers I don’t know) so the best way to contact me is via text or email.

Shipping is $10 for a single item or free for multiple purchases.

Fixed blades are all now SOLD

Biker-1s are all now SOLD

NOTE: All Biker-2s look like the centring is off, but the lock-side teflon washer is twice as thick as the one on the other side, so it means the whole blade is in fact centred to the left, not just the tip.

Date Listed: 19/09/2022


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