• Condition:
  • Make:CZ
  • Model:452
  • Ammo Type:Rimfire
  • Action Type:Bolt
  • Calibre:.17 HMR
  • Serial Number:A679451

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Seller Type: Private User
Licence # 26543405-01
Location: RIVERHILLS, QLD, 4074
Transferring Dealer: Browns Plains Firearms, QLD, 4121
Licence # 50000413
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CZ 452 American in 17 HMR, DOM 2009. Grade 2 walnut oil finished timber. Perfect condition, no marks or scratches whatsoever. Genuine CZ gloss finish steel mounts with Weaver Classic K 6 x 38 scope (fine duplex reticle), made in USA, never changes zero. Low mounting but bolt handle clears no problem. Rifle always cleaned (for carbon & copper) after use (and oiled). Trigger shimmed and lightened (500gms). Sits perfectly level on standard bipod. Barrel floating forward of action (no barrel screw or barrel dovetail, just front and rear action stock screws like with centrefires). An accurate rifle.

After a production run of 60 years, CZ produced the last 452 in 2016, superseding it firstly with the 455 and then the 457. Many CZ fans, myself included, consider the design of the 452 superior to these later models. referring to its Mauser-like characteristics such as twin, horizontally-opposed, locking lugs; an ultra-reliable safety catch that locks both the bolt and the firing pin, and the shrink-screwed barrel-to-receiver coupling. Indeed, apart from its proven performance, the centrefire-like aesthetics of the CZ 452 are readily apparent and very pleasing to discerning shooters..

Hornady introduced the 17 HMR in 2002 and it has become a very popular cartridge.. The normal load is a 17gn boat-tail VMax bullet at 2550 fps. The 17 HMR is the best fox round ever, with low noise, excellent accuracy, instant humane kills, and never any pelt damage. It takes rabbits and other small game out to 100 metres with no hold-over. The drawbacks are that the rifle needs to be cleaned every couple of boxes to achieve best results, and it is more susceptible to wind deflection than heavier bullets.

I can't recall ever seeing another CZ 452 in 17 HMR advertised. I doubt there were many made. Probably a pretty rare combination..

Willing to sell scope separately for $250.

Date Listed: 27/09/2022

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