Williams Open Rear Rifle Sights

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For those seeking a replacement Williams open rear rifle sight - one of these three (3) may perhaps suit your needs.
The base contour of ALL these sights is the same by Williams' standards ie. MEDIUM" designed to fit on barrels measuring between 0.73" to 0.83" diameter (ie. 18.5 to 21.0 mm).
Each sight blade is independently adjustable for both elevation & windage via set screws.
Each sight comes with two (2) correct 6-48 tpi screws to permit easy fitting. The hole spacings between screw holes = 0.5625" (ie. 9/16" or 14.3 mm) on ALL sight bases.

#1 - WGOS - 5/16" high blade, U - notch, Price = $95-00 inc. post
Height range of adjustment above barrel surface = 0.493" to 0.555"

#2 - WGOS - 3/16" high blade, V - notch, Price - $95-00 inc. post
Height range of adjustment above barrel surface = 0.369" to 0.431"

#3 = WGOS "SPECIAL" , 3/8" high blade, U - notch, Price = $105-00 inc. post
(SPECIAL = 0.10" thicker/higher base)
Height range of adjustment above barrel surface = 0.68" to 0.78"

NB. To determine if one of these sights might suit you, take your rifle with the front sight fitted & set it horizontally in a rest. Bore sight the rifle (by looking through the bore) at a defined object at a distance of about 30 m or more.
Place a finely marked steel ruler vertically at the position of the rear sight and note the measurement where the distant object and the tip of the front sight intersect with the relevant marking on the ruler.
This ruler measurement should fall within the specified "height range" to enable the rear sight to work properly.

My asking prices INCLUDE insured postage to all Eastern and Central Australian states.
No trade to W.A..

Date Listed: 07/02/2024


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